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The American Medical Equipment AME1500 with 3-zoned support surface with vented air cells to provide True Low-Air-Loss Therapy. For added patient protection these air cells rest on a 2" covered foam safety pad. The quilted top cover is waterproof, highly vapor permeable and completely machine washable. The unique CPR release makes deflation quick and easy for correct patient positioning.

The user-friendly control unit is simple to operate with cost effective therapeutic outcomes. The True-Low-Air Loss therapy diffuses under the patient over 100 liters of air per minute. This therapy helps keep the patient dry and comfortable. The adjustable pressure settings are instantaneous for accurate patient placement. The unique filter placement makes hassle free changing or cleaning without using tools or removing filter covers.

  • Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System
  • 16 nylon-coated, 8” deep air cells provide full immersion to envelope the user
  • Low Air loss circulates air for moisture management
  • Waterproof, breathable high quality nylon top cover reduces friction and shear
  • Max Inflate is used to inflate mattress in seconds
  • 2” foam base adds safety and comfort
  • CPR quick release for rapid deflation
  • Used with raised safety perimeter with egress openings
1. Remove standard mattress from the bed.
2. Replace standard mattress with the SAPPHIRE SERIES® Static Low-Air-Loss mattress. (Be sure air tubing is at the foot end of the bed.)
3. Strap air support mattress to bed frame on all four sides.
4. Place control unit on the footboard of the bed using the two retractable hooks located on the back of the unit. (If no footboard is available, put blower on the floor away from traffic.) To avoid blocking the air intake, DO NOT place control unit on its back.
5. Attach the air tubing to the blower unit, being sure it snaps in tight. (Be sure air tubing is not kinked and is unobstructed.)
6. NOTE: (110V unit ONLY) Plug unit into grounded 110V A/C outlet.
7. NOTE: (220V unit ONLY) Plug unit into grounded 220V A/C outlet.
8. Turn master power switch, located on the side of the unit, “on”.
9. Press the Autofirm button for quick inflation.
10. Press the Firm or Soft button on the control panel to select the desired level of firmness.
11. Place the patient on the bed after inflation to insure the air cells do not become twisted or kinked.
12. Fowler mode
a. When elevating the head section of the mattress, press the Fowler button to increase airflow for seat inflation.

Auto Fowler attachment (Optional)

a. When elevating the head section of the mattress, Fowler mode will automatically turn on.



Lock-out Feature

a. After 3 minutes, if there are no changes to the blower settings, the lock-out feature will
b. Press and hold the Lock-out button for 3 seconds to disengage the lock-out feature.


For quick deflation or for CPR use:

a. Turn power off
b. Twist CPR connection on the mattress to open it
c. Remove the hoses from the control unit.

Notice: The mattress is equipped with a 2-inch foam pad in the mattress base for patient support and transport.


ame1500 Low Air Loss Slick AME 1500 LOW AIR LOSS MATTRESS AME1500 Sell Sheet CLICK HERE
extricare brochure ame 1500 mattress AME1500 Owners Manual. CLICK HERE
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Blower Unit Weight

11 lbs (4.98 kg)

Blower Unit Height

 10.5” (26.67 cm)

Blower Unit Width

 16” (40.64 cm)

Blower Unit Depth

 6” (15.24 cm)

Rated Voltage 110 Volts 220 Volts
Rated Frequency 60Hz 50Hz
Rated Input Power 120 Volts 230 Volts
Fuse Ratings T300mA 250V T5A 250V T2.5A 250V
Power Failure Alarm Yes Yes
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