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The American Medical Equipment AME3500 and AME3584 system provides alternating pressure and is designed to be used in the prevention, treatment and management of Pressure Ulcers. Pump produces consistent air flow. Special vibration isolating features insure that the patient rests easily, without feeling the pumps vibrating action. LED and audible alarm provide critical performance data and alert caregiver when pressure falls below 10mmHg (inner mattress pressure). Easy to replace individual bladders. Mattress has 20 air bladders, nine (9) with laser holes to achieve low air loss function, to increase patient comfort, keep the patient cool and speed recovery. Spring lined air tubes prevent kinks and disruption of air flow. CPR valves provide fast (20-Second) deflation.

AME1400 provides the benefits of AME3500 in a convenient Mattress  Overlay featuring HealFloat™:
  • Quiet, portable, lightweight and very reliable, the SelectAir mattress and control unit provide a cost-effective alternative to other pressure management systems.
  • Firm Mattress Mode: Helps facilitate nursing care during dressing changes and patient repositioning.
  • Upright Patient Mode:Adds support when the head of the bed is elevated.
  • Foot Pillow: Helps to prevent unnecessary skin breakdown due to patient migration.
AME1400 controller  
User-Friendly Control Unit
Rapid inflation, easy set-up, and a motor so quiet, the patient will hardly Quick-Change Filter know it’s there!

Integrated Side Bolsters
Keeps patient centered in the bed and reduces the risk of entrapment.

Keeps Patient Cool and Dry

“True” Low Air Loss technology allows air to escape from the top of the mattress and directly interact with moisture at the patient/ bed boundary.
  Wicking Action
Air escapes through tiny holes on the top of the mattress, and circulates under a vapor-permeable cover, to wick moisture away from patient.

Exceptional Foot Protection
Foot pillow to address patient migration.

Quick-Change Filter
Filter is easy to access, and quick to change for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Low air loss and alternating pressure mattress system.
  • Air cells are organized in three zones (heat, seat, foot) .
  • Integrated side air bolsters to prevent entrapment and keeps patient centered.
  • Low air loss circulates air for moisture management.
  • Alternating pressure provides three cycle settings continually readjusting the system.
  • Auto firm to assist in transfers and repositioning.
  • Fowler (upright patient) supports patient when head of the bed is elevated.
  • Auto comfort mode simplifies setup and is based on patient’s weight distribution.
  • Waterproof, breathable high quality nylon top cover reduces  friction and shear.
  • Available with integrated raised perimeter with egress openings for fall prevention.
  • Available in 84” Length (AME 3584) for taller patients
1. Place the control unit handle over the edge of the footboard. The handle will self adjust to the width of the footboard.

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2. Insert the hose fitting with the clip into the air outlet of the control unit and turn 1/4 turn. Ensure the hose fitting is firmly seated and that the latch ‘clicks’ into place.
3. Insert the other end of the hose into the mattress hose fitting located at the foot of
the mattress.
4. Ensure the power entry switch is “OFF”.
5. Firmly insert the power cord into the outlet on the control unit.
6. Insert the other end of the power cord into an equivalent grounded power receptacle.
7. Press the power entry switch “ON” and refer to Manual Setup
Mattress Note: Make sure that the mattress hose fitting is at the foot end of the bed frame.

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A. When using the Mattress Cover with Mattress Replacement: While the mattress is inflating, it may be helpful to partially unzip the cover and guide the mattress into the correct formation.
1. Always remove the existing mattress from the bed.
2. Before placing mattress inside mattress cover, ensure that all four side bolster straps (two per side) are securing side bolsters to mattress sections and Velcro® fasteners are mated.
3. Insert the mattress and mattress pad inside the mattress cover and zip the cover shut. Place on the bed frame. Be sure the hole in the mattress cover is in the correct position to fit around the hose fitting outlet on the mattress.
4. Strap the cover to the bed frame using the four straps located on each side of the mattress cover.



3500 3500 AME3500 AND AME 3584 Marketing Brochure CLICK HERE
extricare brochure  AME3500 AND AME 3584 Owners Manual. CLICK HERE
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Mattress Configurations Individual baffles divided into 3 sections; head, seat and foot. Integrated side air bolsters with foot pillow.
Weight Control Unit – 9 lbs. (4.0 kg)
Mattress – 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
Voltage 120 V AC 50/60 Hz
Current Less than 5 amps
Certification UL
Mattress Weight Limit 400 lbs. (181.6 kg)
Mattress Sizes Available Fits most standard bed frames. Custom sizes available.
Cover (Top Surface) Waterproof, vapor permeable, flame resistant and biocompatible zippered mattress cover
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty on control unit and soft goods

Topper Material: zippered all around and quilted urethane coated nylon fabric (2-way stretch) water resistant, vapor permeable, machine washable and low sheer.

Base Material: zippered PVC mesh.

4-Air cells at head section remain static to enhance pillow function.

Dimensions: 36" (W) x 80" (L) x 8" (H).


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