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Lymphedema is a serious and debilitating disease that can cause significant swelling, pain, and potentially ulcers in patients. Lymphedema and similar venous insufficiencies can cause significant swelling in the upper and lower extremities. Cancer victims many times encounter this disease.

The CircuFlow™ 5200 allows patients the freedom to treat chronic venous and lymphatic disorders in the comfort of their own homes. Using intermittent gradient sequential pressure applied through multi-chambered garments, the CircuFlow™ 5200 increases blood flow and provides extracellular fluid clearances.

The CircuFlow™ 5200 can also operate in two modes: A gradient mode in which a maximum pressure and pressure gradient are administered, and a pressure mode in which each chamber’s pressure can be set individually.

Intended for the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Lymphedema
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Peripheral edema
circuflow   circuflow   circuflow
  • Medicare Reimbursement Code: E0652
  • FDA & CE
  • Adjustable cycle time, distal to proximal; 20 – 80 seconds
  • Dual operation modes: gradient mode or pressure mode
  • Customizable pressure from 25 – 120 mmHg
  • Smart pressure monitoring preventing pressure tunnelingdue to operator setup error
  • Ability to adjust or skip individual chamber pressures
  • Automatic vacuum that drains the air from the garments for fast and easy removal after therapy
  • U.S. patent pending
  • tvPressure Adjustment: Digitally controls pressure within individual sleeve chambers
  • Patient Comfort: Ability to skip chamber pressure preventing discomfort from ulcers
  • Cost: Significantly less than competitors’ pricing
  • Sleeves: Durable, long-lasting, and easy for patients to apply and take off

Open the shipping box and lift device up and out of box.


Check to make sure the box also contains 1 power cord, 1 air blocker, and a user manual.


Remove the protective foam covers on each side and the plastic bag.


Place the device on a flat and stable surface near the patient.


Unwrap the power cord (from the box) and plug it into the back of the machine. Plug the device into a safe and properly grounded outlet.


Attach left and/or right quick connectors of the garment to the quick connect ports which are located on the front panel of the device. During a single garment session (i.e. left only or right only) insert the air blocker into the unused quick connect port.

  • Putting the garment on:
  1. For leg garments, unzip the garment all the way to the end. Place the foot at the bottom of the garment and pull up the zipper while supporting the garment to wrap around the leg.
  2. For arm garments, slide the arm through the internal cavity of the garment.

Press main POWER SWITCH up to the ON position which is located on the rear panel. The green power indicator on the front panel will then illuminate


Upon this display, User can directly push START to run the device on FACTORY DEFAULT mode

Please go to the downloads tab to see instructions for the three modes in the SETUP GUIDE
  • Factory Default Mode: Device comes with a factory default setting providing 45mmHg pressure on distal chamber and a 7% of gradient pressure, and a 30 minute treatment time with a 30 second cycle time, with no chambers being skipped.
  • Gradient Mode: This mode allows you to set your starting pressure and the percentage drop of pressure gradient between chambers.
  • Pressure Mode: This mode allows you to set the pressure in each of the four chambers in the sleeve.
  CircuFlow™ 5200 Instruction Video
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CIRCUFLOW Circuflow 5200 Sell Sheet Circuflow 5200 Sell Sheet CLICK HERE
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  Dimensions:  11.5"(W) x 10"(D) x 4"(H)
  Weight: 12 lbs 
  Inflation Cycles: Adjustable 5 – 20 seconds per chamber
  Cycle Time:  Adjustable 20 – 80 seconds
  Therapy Time: Adjustable 15 – 180 minutes
  End Therapy Vacuum Time:  60 seconds
  Electrical:  120VAC, 60Hz, 100VA MAX 
  Fuse Rated: 250VAC, 1.0AMP, SLO-BLO
  Applied Part:  TYPE B 
  Protection Against Electric Shock: CLASS I
  Operation Mode: Continuous operation with intermittent loading


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