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Bariatric Trapeze with Base Free Standing

The Free Standing Trapeze with Base and Wheels, from Drive, helps people move with greater care during in-and-out of bed transfers and also with in-bed adjustments. The trapeze is built to sustain pressure and offer support. This free standing trapeze is able to uphold 1000 pounds.

  • Designed to assist larger individuals in changing positions while in bed and aid in transferring in and out of bed.
  • Easy to assemble Tool-free design.
  • Lightweight design for easy delivery.
  • Chain is adjustable from edge of headboard to the end of boom by sliding to desired position.
  • 650 lb. Weight Capacity

Remove contents from carton.

Freestanding Trapeze

2. Attach slide plate on bottom of right and left base with bolts. (1)
3. Insert 4 base caps in front and rear of base. (2)
4. Attach wheels with axle bolts on left and right base. (3)
5. Slide mid-post on right and left base until lock pins appear through mid post. (4)
6. Slide boom (5) over mid post (4) while holding lock pin. (6) Once attached rotate boom until straight. (Lock pin until clicks into position).
7. While depressing lock pin on top of boom slide collar over boom. (7). (Be sure to slide collar past lock pin)
8. While holding top of chain/trapeze (8) inside collar, slide trapeze lock (9) though collar and “S” hook on chain. Turn trapeze lock until tight.
9. Insert boom cap onto boom.




AME3000 Sell Sheet AME3000Sell Sheet BARITRAPEZE Brochure and Assembly CLICK HERE
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Weight Capacity:  1000 lbs.
Product Weight: 100 lbs.
Product Width:  46.8"
Width (between legs): 42.8"
Product Height:  73"
Product Depth:  68"
Boom Length:  36"
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