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Lateral Rotation is a method of pressure management with support surfaces that can be programmed to rotate the patient up to 40° in either direction from flat supine. Lateral rotation (a.k.a. adjutant therapy, rotation therapy) was originally developed in the late 1980's to attempt to prevent respiratory involvement in the ICU/CCC patient, or the patient on extended bed-rest. Since its introduction into the market, lateral rotation has been used increasingly for the management of skin. Indications for this method of pressure management include prevention or healing of breakdown in patients at high risk due to their ability to maintain only one or two positions.

Additionally, lateral rotation has been used for patients who cannot tolerate manual handling to be turned due to pain. These patients would include those with arthritis, hip fractures or replacements and skin conditions causing pain with contact.

Continuous lateral rotation therapy utilizes mattresses and beds that move the patient in a regular pattern around a longitudinal axis. Visit our links below to see our available mattresses offered by American Medical Equipment for Lateral Rotation.

AME 4000 ROT   AME 4100 ROT   AME 4700 ROT
American Medical Equipment 4000 Rotation   American Medical Equipment AME4100 Lateral Rotation   American Medical Equipment AME4700 Lateral Rotation






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