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AME FLOWT® Technology

Non-Powered Therapy - Eliminating a motor … eliminates heat, electricity consumption, noise, alarms, unsafe power cords, incorrect pressure settings, and most malfunctions.

Waterproof, breathable four way stretch top cover allows for full immersion without resistance. 3” multi-density base layer adds safety and comfort . Middle layer waterproof barrier to protect base layer from contamination/odors

Micro-conforming distribution system with 130 interconnected air cells. 4 zones of 35 air cells are customized to optimal pressure distribution for each body zone. Air cells react immediately to any slight patient movement to provide continuous reactive pressure redistribution. .

air flont 2000
  Key Product Features
  • Non powered therapy
  • Stage 1-IV Treatment level therapy
  • Addresses both pressure and shear forces
  • Increase patient comfort
  • Functional for PT and Reha
  • b Patient Safety and Fall Prevention
  • Waterproof top cover
  • Four zones with customizable inflation
Air Cells:
Individual interconnected air pockets made of polyether polyurethane with nickel plated brass valve located on side surface (1 per section). Four sections snap together to make a complete system.
Inflation Valve:
Used to open and close the product's airway. Some products may have more than one valve.
Flowt® Hand Pump:
Used to inflate the product.
For connecting the mattress overlay sections and securing the sections to the mattress cavity.
Reusable Mattress Cover.
Operation Manual:
Instructions on adjustment, care, repairs and other important information about the mattress.
Repair Kit:
Used to patch minor leaks.
Product Registration Card:
Complete product registration card and mail to AME or register online at www.amemedbeds.com.

1.   Place mattress flatly on the bed frame. The inflation and air connections should be towards the foot end.
2.   Cover with a cotton sheet to avoid direct skin contact and reduce friction (not included)
3.   Connect the inflation tubes from the mattress to the controller's air port. Make sure they are properly
     attached and not leaking.


flowt Flowt Slick FLOWT® One Page Slick CLICK HERE
reg flowt American Medical Equipment flowt AME FLOWT® Brochure CLICK HERE
AME3000 Sell Sheet AME3000Sell Sheet AME FLOWT® Owners Manual CLICK HERE
FLOWT pressure mapping Flowt Pressure mapping Pressure Mapping Report CLICK HERE
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Construction Flame retardant ABS
Dimensions 210mm x 205mm x 105mm
Weight 2.2KG
Vacuum Application Continous (default therapy) or intermittent
Pressure Range 10 to 120mmHg
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