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Theraworx™ Technology - When Clean Is Not Enough

A new patented technology we call “Theraworx®” is an all-natural formula with colloidal silver that is distinctively different than any other formula on the market by performing 3 functions: Cleans, Hydrates and Protects while remaining Non-Rinse and Non-Toxic.

Theraworx® allows you to finally think differently in your quest to find an answer for a host of conditions: CAUTI, yeast infections, excoriated urine burn, pre-cleansing of a wound bed, skin tear, venous catheter port, G-tube/Resp/vent cannula, chronic odor – and most importantly, perineum and catheter care. The clinical data overwhelmingly supports this new technology. Theraworx® has succeeded in creating a new foundation of evidence-based solutions for a host of chronic conditions that continue to challenge us as providers of nursing and medical care.

  • Non-Rinse
  • Gentle on the Skin
  • Non-Toxic Affected Areas *
  • Superior Odor Control
  • Effective Catheter Care/Peri Care *
  • Excellent on Excoriated/Urine Burn/Incontinence
  • No Touch Pre-Wound Cleanser
  Theraworx® PRODUCTS
A. Reusable Wipe System —
Min. use of twice-a-week/per ADL requirements

For positive results: warm the bathing system in microwave per instructions.
theraworz wipe system
1. Residents who are combative, resistant, or non-compliant to showers.
2. Chronic odors – urinary or other stagnant odors unable to be resolved with traditional soap and water.
3. Traditional bed bound, with or without history of contractures. Use the cloth between contractures; i.e., clinch hand to eliminate odors and keep clean.
4. Obese/skin folds prone to yeast infections. Use cloth to eliminate odor and keep area clean.
5. Cellulitis with edema plus 2 or better – weeping, and reddened areas of lower extremities. Will assist in keeping areas clean and dry.
6. High Risk infection – for all isolation residents to decrease cross contamination with staff and ensure bathing compliance.
7. All new admissions to enhance required nursing skin assessment and assist with the potential for cross contamination.
8. Residents identified by Director of Nursing or through care plan review.
B. Specialty Care Pack therawasy
1. Insertion of Urinary Catheter – prior to opening Catheter kit. Use: FIRST (1) wipe for perineum cleaning; and SECOND (2) wipe after insertion for final cleansing of perineum and future catheter care.
2. Incontinent Dermatitis with subsequent pressure on skin, and/or sheering resulting in reddening of the genitals and surrounding area.
3. G-Tubes, Supra-pubic catheters.
4. Urine Analysis Collection – clean catch or catheter, wipe perineum, then obtain sample. (See Tenet study)
C. Mister 2 oz. — “NO TOUCH” Pre-Cleansing Wound Care
1. Provides a mist to clean the wound area, non rinse, dries within 15 seconds. Can be used on open wet wounds.
2. Use for scrapes, skin tears, minor burns, surgical incision sites, and sensitive areas.
D. Foamer 2 oz. — 150 Pumps per Bottle
E. Foamer 8 oz. — 600 Pumps per Bottle
1. Dining Room – as the residents come in for meals or after seated for
each meal (Can store Theraworx® by serving window).
2. Replaces existing Peri wash, use with wet wash cloth for peri care.
3. Non-Rinse Shampoo – for difficult residents or mobility-challenged –
makes hair feel clean and nourished, helps with the scalp.
4. High-Risk Infection – for all isolation residents to increase hand cleansing compliance for all visitors and staff coming and going in the room and the affected isolation resident. (can leave at bedside)
F. Foamer 17 oz. — 1,500 Applications
1. For use in nursing stations, pharmacy areas, exam rooms, employee lounges, dining areas, and all high-risk and isolation residents.
2. Same criteria as the 8 oz areas requiring repeat or pre- and post-cleansing throughout the day.
G. Wall-Mounted Foamer — 2,600 Applications
1. Manual wall mounts specifically designed for precise delivery of Theraworx® Technology.
2. For use in high-traffic healthcare station areas, carpeted areas (alcohol not recommended), protocol-defined areas, patient and visitor entry areas, patient-contact areas, public rest rooms, and dining rooms.
Theraworx Promotional Video

A new patented technology we call “Theraworx®” is an all-natural formula with colloidal silver that is distinctively different than any other formula on the market by performing 3 functions: Cleans, Hydrates and Protects while remaining Non-Rinse and Non-Toxic.


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  Getting to Know the Ingredients



  • Aloe
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta- Glucan 1,3


  • Zwitterionic
  • Lauryl Glucoside


  Skin Protectant

Details: A diureide of glyoxylic acid. It is present in botanical extracts of the comfrey (important herb in organic gardening) plant and uric acid from cows and most mammals. It is natural-identical, safe, non-toxic, compatible with cosmetic raw materials, and meets Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) and the Japanese Standard of Cosmetic Ingredients (JSCI) requirements.

Benefits to Skin: It moisturizes by increasing the water content and enhancing the upper layers of dead skin cells; increasing the smoothness of the skin, promoting the cell proliferation.

**Allantoin is recognized by the FDA as a skin protectant.**


  Skin Conditioners

Details: a genus containing about four hundred species of the flowering succulent plants. Native to Africa, they have large, thick, fleshy leaves.

Benefits to Skin: Has been used to treat various skin conditions such as cuts, burns, and eczema. The sap from the plant reduces inflammation and pain. It is useful for sensitive skin types. Aloe moisturizes the skin while increasing the oxygen flow and the rate of wound closure.

Details: A fat-soluble vitamin that exists in eight different forms. Alphatocopherol is the most active form of vitamin E in humans. Vitamin E supplements are usually alphatocopheryl acetate which forms as an antioxidant. Vitamin E has been shown to play a role in immune function, DNA repair, and other metabolic processes.

Benefits to Skin: Due to its antioxidant activity, Vitamin E protects skin cells from ultra violet light, pollution, drugs, and other elements that product cell damage. Vitamin E also helps regulate vitamin A in the body, which is helps strengthen the protective tissue of the skin.


  Skin Cell Immune Enhancer

Details: Complex  carbohydrates that occur in the bran of cereal grains, bakers yeast, some fungi, and multiple types of mushrooms. Beta 1, 3-D glucans are chains of D-glucose (or simple sugar) molecules with the six-sided D-glucose rings connected at the 1 and 3 positions. The most common source of Beta 1, 3-D is formed from the cell wall of baker’s yeast- Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The Beta-glucans from yeast are usually insoluble whereas those from grains are soluble. They are scientifically proven to be biological response modifiers (BRM) due to their ability to enhance the immune system. Beta 1, 3-D glucans make the immune system work better without becoming overactive, by activating the phagocytes (cells of immune systems that trap and destroy foreign substances in our bodies).

Benefits to Skin: Helps build up the skins immune system without overworking it, thus allowing for stronger tensile strength of scar tissue.


  Skin Cleansers- Surfactants


Details: Also known as amphoteric surfactants, they are very mild and useful for personal care. They can be anionic (negatively charged), cationic (positively charged) or non-ionic (no-charge) in solution, depending on the acidity or pH of the water. They may contain two charged groups of different sign; positive is almost always ammonium, and negative may be carboxylate, sulphate, sulphonate.

Benefits to Skin: Used for the dermatological properties. They are frequently used because of their high foaming properties that allow for dirt to separate from the skins oils, leaving natural sebum in tact.

How Exactly do Surfactants Work? Surfactants are a blend of “surface acting agent”. Basically a surfactant removes dirt by acting as an emulsifier, meaning it allows oil and water to mix so that oily grime can be removed during rinsing. Surfactants lower the surface tension of water, essentially making it “wetter” so that it is less likely to stick to itself and more likely to interact with oil and grease.

Details: A 100% plant-derived surfactant and detergent made from coconut oil and sugar. Such glucosides biodegrade quickly and tend to be gentle on the skin. It is used in shampoos as detergent and thickening agent.

Benefits to Skin: Used for deep cleansing while still being gentle to the skin.

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