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The Baribed 600 BOY is the perfect fit in a Home or clinical setting. This Bed Model is fully electric with a 600 lb weight capacity, which is to be evenly distributed on the sleeping surface of the bed. As it is difficult for someone of large proportions to feel secure and comfortable in a standard size bed, these beds provide stability and quality of life for the large size person. 

The Baribed 600 BOY bed features smooth and quiet Linak™ motors which allow for dynamic movement without disturbing a partner or surrounding residents.


The foot section does not pitch down, but plateaus to reduce edema of lower extremities. All electronics are completely enclosed, fully grounded with hospital grade 3 prong heavy duty plug and cord. Electronics and motors are UL listed, 115 volts. Remote features 6 button control for all functions, is low voltage, and has a high impact resistant case. Optional bed mounted trapeze, heavy duty side rails, and integrated digital scale are also available.

bigboy bigboy bigboy
  • All Electric
  • Steel Pan Deck…For Proper Mattress Support
  • Easy Touch Hand Control 12 Volt
  • Large Capacity/Extra Wide
  • All Electronics And Motors UL Approved
  • 8 Button Control For All Functions
  • Low Voltage
  • Low Energy
  • High Impact Resistant Case
  • Electronics Completely Enclosed
  • Fully Grounded, With Hospital Grade, 3 Prong, Heavy Duty Plug And Cord
  • Electronics And Motor Ul Listed
  • Voltage 115V
  • 6” High Density Foam
  • Fire Barrier Certified For Technical Bulletin Cal Tb 129
  • Fire Barrier Certified For Technical Bulletin Cal Tb 603
  • Complies With The Requirements Of 16 Cfr 1633
  • Ventex Ticking (#1 Leading Hospital Ticking In America)
  • Do not operate bed when sitting on head section or foot section of bed, we will not be responsible for repair of bed since this is a considered owner abuse.
  • Bed must be plugged into a dedicated outlet.
  • Before adjusting bed, check that nothing is under or near bed. Keep children and pets away from the bed to prevent injury.
  • Keep bed in lowest position except for providing care (bathing, clothing changes, etc.) Entering or exiting a raised bed could result in falls or injury.
  • Injury may result from improper use of bed accessory manufacturer for proper use instructions.
  • Bed power cord has a hospital grade 3-prong grounding plug. Connect only to a hospital grade 3-prong outlet. Do not defeat grounding safety feature by using a 3-prong to 2-prong adapter. If necessary, have outlet ground reliability checked by a qualified electrician.
  • The motor control box does not contain serviceable parts. Unplug the bed if there is a malfunction. Refer servicing to qualified personnel.
  • Unplug power cord from wall outlet before performing any maintenance or service to the power box.
  • Unplug the power cord of electric beds before cleaning with water based solutions.
  • TO ADVOID POSSIBLE INJURY OR DEATH - use a mattress thick enough and wide enough so that the gap between the top of the mattress and the bottom of the side rail is small enough to prevent a patient from getting their head between the mattress and the side rail and possible suffocating.
  • CASTOR LOCKS INCREASE BED STABILITY and resident safety, decreasing the liability of a nursing home.
  • POSSIBLE FIRE HAZARD - Pendant must be attached at the foot end of the bed when using oxygen-administered equipment



1. Hammer

2. 3/16 Inch Punch

3. 9/16 Rachet & 9/16 Box Wrench

4. 7/16 Rachet & 7/16 Box Wrench

small Baribed 600 Hookup
STEP 1 The bottomm portion of the assembled bed will be in the low position. Plug bed in.
STEP 2 Insert hand control. When inserting hand control, pins of junction box must match up with plug of hand wand.
STEP 3 Attach saddle section to the frame, inserting the four bolts from the saddle section into the four holes on the frame. Secure saddle section by tightening bolts firmly.
STEP 4 Take head section (A) and attach saddle section (B). Match up the hinges for the pins. Insert slide bolts and secure by tapping them firmly into place. Secure slide bolts with Clevis pins by taping them in firmly.
STEP 5 Attach the thigh section (C) to the saddle section (D) using the same procedure in Step 4. Repeat procedure for foot section.
STEP 6 Clevis pin in actuator tube to be attached to forks of Head and Thigh.
STEP 7 Secure foot lift bars on the sides to the frame of the bed with 1/4 inch bolts and secure with locking nuts. Do not over thighten the bolts.
STEP 8 Raise foot to high positin and place mattress guard at foot end using a ratchet and 7/16 socket.
STEP 9 Lower foot section and take foot board (E) and place into bracket holders. Do the same for the head board (F). The head board is wider than the foot board. Make sure the bracket holding tubes do not face the bed when attaching the head board.
   EMERGENCY EVACUATION PROCEDURE - for bed models with convertible feature
  • Pull off side Velcro bolsters
  • Pull out cable extension pins
  • slide bed deck extensions in towards center of bed
  • Perform this procedure on right and left side of bed deck surface
  • Do not use harsh cleaners or solvents.
  • Follow all manufacturer directions for dilution of concentrated cleaning agents.
  • Wipe fabric clean with neutral soap suds and lukewarm water. rinse thoroughly and allow drying before return to service.
  • Hard to clean areas use soft sponge with liquid cleaner as specified on manufacturer's label.
  • To control or prevent odor on long term incontinent applications, clean 200 OX daily. Use of scented cleaner or disinfectant is recommended.
  • Most phenolic or quaternary type disinfectants can be used on 200 OX fabric. User must dilute disinfectants and germicides on accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  • Iodophor type disinfectants (Betadine, for example) will stain 200 OX fabric.
  • 200 OX can be disinfected with 1:10 dilution of household bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite) as recommended by the CDC (US Health and Human Services) Weaker dilution 1:100 may be used but may not be in accordance with the CDC recommendations.
  • The materials used to manufacture 200 OX and the performance of the fabric may be adversely affected by permitting and cleaning agent to remain on contact with the fabric for a prolonged duration or a failure to adequately rinse the agent from the fabric.


extricare brochure baribed 600 Baribed 600 Boy Sell Sheet CLICK HERE
extricare brochure baribed 600 Baribed 600 Boy Brochure CLICK HERE
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Bariatric Yes
Bed Style Full Electric
Deck Style Pan Deck
Includes Staff Control No
Latex Free Yes
Length Inches 80 in
Max Height Inches 28 in
Max Length Inches 80 in
Max Width Inches 48 in
Min Height Inches 15 in
Min Length Inches 80 in
Min Width Inches 38 in
Product Type Bed
Product Use Long Term Care
Weight Capacity 600 lb
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