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All air cushions are constructed of high quality and very pliable coated nylon for low shear and even lower interface pressures. Gaymar Plexus Quilted Top Sheet is highly vapor permeable and over-sized providing a low friction, low shear barrier against complications due to moisture. Machine washable. Unique modular design facilitates cleaning and interchangeability. Convoluted foam base provides additional safety for your patient.

SVED 600 NPWT System from American Medical Equipment
  Key Product Features

The Control Unit:

  • Effective low-air-loss to assist with moisture control
  • Selectable Alternating Pressure with a five minute cycle time
  • Max. Inflate for easy patient positioning
  • Patient settings are restored after power outages
  • CPR quick release provides for rapid deflation
  • Control Unit is compact and lightweight

The Therapeutic Support Surface:

  • Deep air cells constructed of high quality coated nylon for low shear and effective therapy
  • Plexus quilted top sheet is highly vapor permeable and oversized providing a low friction, low shear barrier.
  • Machine washable and available in nylon or silver
  • Unique modular design facilitates cleaning and interchangeability
  • Convoluted foam base provides additional safety for your patient
1. Power Switch / Indicator – Pressing this button toggles power on and off. An amber light indicates AC power is present to the controller, the controller is in standby. A green light indicates system is on, and running.


  • The P2500 gives the caregiver the option of alternating low pressure therapy or static therapy with Low Air Loss.
  • A simple push of a button on the control unit transforms the P2500 from a low air loss therapy system to one which can also provide alternating low pressure.


  • To assist in patient ingress/egress as well as normal nursing procedures, the air mattress can be maximally inflated by pushing the “MAX INFLATE” button on the control unit.
  • Upon initiating max inflate condition, the mattress will rapidly inflate to it’s firmest level and maintain that setting for approximately 30 minutes or until “MAX INFLATE” button is pushed again.
  • − “MAX INFLATE” button will remain illuminated while system is in maximum inflation mode.
    − If the “MAX INFLATE” button is pushed during max inflation mode, the button will cease illuminating and the system will return to previously chosen settings.
    − After approximately 30 minutes in the “MAX INFLATE” mode, the system is programmed to automatically return to the therapeutic settings.
    − Note: After automatically returning to the therapeutic mode, the “MAX INFLATE” button must be pushed twice to return to the “MAX INFLATE” condition. This action resets the automatic timer.

4. Comfort Setting Adjustment – Mattress pressure can be adjusted by pressing the soft key to reduce firmness, and the firm key to increase firmness.
1. Place mattress (2) onto the bed frame. Make sure to orient mattress so the air tubing (3) exits the mattress at the foot of the bed. AME3000diagram
2. Before securing the mattress straps, raise the head and foot ends of the bed frame. Raise the side rails. Loosely, secure mattress to bed frame by looping the nylon straps on mattress through the bed frame and then back through the D-rings on mattress. Make sure the side rails can still move up and down without interference.
3. If you do not have an Aire Select Safety Mattress, skip to step 4. Otherwise, lower the side rails down and unzip the side bolster pockets, locate the longer of the two bolster ends at the head section and slide the bolster into the pocket. Zip the pocket closed. Repeat on the opposite side. Plexus mattresses are not intended to be AND DO NOT FUNTION AS a patient fall safety device. SIDE RAILS MUST BE USED WITH THE PLEXUS MATTRESS TO HELP PREVENT FALLS, unless determined unnecessary based on the facility protocol or the patient’s medical needs as determined by the facility, IN WHICH CASE THE USE OF OTHER SUITABLE PATIENT SAFETY MEASURES ARE RECOMMENDED.
4. Suspend control unit from the footboard using the two hooks located on the back of the unit as shown (5). If no footboard exists, place unit on a flat surface near the foot end of the bed. (Be careful not to position the unit on the floor in such a manner that it may become a hazard to foot traffic.)
5. Connect the free end of the tubing (3) to the respective mating connector located on the side of the pump (6). This “quick connect” fitting can be secured by simply mating the two ends together in a linear but opposing direction.
6. Check that the hose is secure by gently pulling. Ensure the air hose is not kinked or tucked under the mattress.
7. Cover Aire Select air mattress with the PLEXUS top sheet and attach to the mattress Drings provided. Cover the mattress with the therapeutic, low-shear top sheet and attach to the mattress by looping the Velcro straps on the top sheet through the D-rings on the mattress. In the case of the Aire Select Safety Mattress, zippers located on all four sides attach the top sheet. Verify top sheet is loosely fit so as not to “hammock” patient above mattress.
8. Plug power cord into a properly grounded outlet. Unit will enter “STAND BY” mode. Apply hospital linens and/or incontinence pad over the top of the Mattress. Linens should be loose to prevent “hammocking”.
9. To enter normal operation mode press ON/STANDBY switch on the control panel.
10. Place patient on the air mattress and position along center of bed. (Note: The control unit can inflate the mattress with the patient laying on it.) For quicker inflation, or to assist in patient ingress/egress as well as normal nursing procedure, MAX INFLATE can be activated. Raise the bed side rails.


3000 slick 3000 SLICK AME3000 One Page Slick CLICK HERE
AME3000 Sell Sheet AME3000Sell Sheet AME3000 Brochure CLICK HERE
venturi owners ame3000 AME3000 User Manual CLICK HERE
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  Product Specifications
Width 36"
Size Control Unit: 5” x 10” x 12” (13cm x 25cm x 30cm) 
Weight Control Unit: 9.5lbs (4.3kg) 
   Mattress: 15lb (6.8kg)
Weight Capacity 34"=350-lbs;39-54"=700-lbs
Power Electrical Rating: 120V~, 50Hz, 5A
Cycle Time Alternating Pressure: 5 minutes
Code Agency Approvals: UL 544, EN 60601-1-2
Warranty Control Unit: 2 year limited
   Mattress: 1 year limited
   Overlay: 1 year limited
Medicare Reimb. Code E0277
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