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The Low Bed Foam 4280 Defined Perimeter Mattress offers a low intervention solution to many of the side rail restraint issues affecting healthcare facilities today. The four 4” high wedge-shaped foam sections line the side perimeters of the mattress, provide a gentle reminder to those lying in bed of the mattress edges and help prevent accidental falls from the bed. The openings in the mid-section allow for easy patient exit and entry.

low bed foam 3580

42” wide, 80” long
Bolsters 4” in height
Egress section 15” wide

  • Low intervention solution for side rail.
  • Wedge-shaped foam sections form a sensory reminder of mattress edges.
  • Mid-section openings for easy patient exit and entry.
  • Wipe clean nylon cover with a waterproof coating.

Place foam mattress on existing bed frame.

AME3000Sell Sheet raised mattress Low Bed 4280 Sell Sheet CLICK HERE
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42" Wide 80" Long
Bolsters 4" Height
Egress Section 15" Wide
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