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AME SPIRIT SELECT LOW BED ACUTE was designed to make the lives of patients and healthcare workers safer and easier. This revolutionary hospital bed addresses the needs of a wide range of hospital settings including regular patient rooms in med-surg. Spirit Select is loaded with regular hospital bed features, and it has the ability to go lower to the ground than any other hospital bed on the market. All patients have varying needs that change constantly. Shorter, frail, elderly, and post-surgery patients benefit from the safety of a bed that goes 10” low. While taller more active patients will enjoy Spirit Select’s infinite height adjustments.

  Falls and Injuries:
  • The lowest Acute Care bed on the market at 10"
  • Ultra low height reduces patient falls and injuries
  • Provides safer transfers for shorter, frail, elderly, and post-surgery patients
  • Important component in a Fall Prevention Program
  • Numerous alarm and volumes settings
  • Minimizes false alarms with unique auto-reset feature
  • Auto-arm feature reduces staff errors
  • Any and all patient comfort controls can be locked to restrict patient use
  • A Master Lockout feature is available to lock all staff and patient controls
  • Brightly colored lights indicate when a lockout is active
  Patient Transfers:
  • Molded side-rails have an assisting design which helps patients to enter and exit bed safely
  • Shorter head rail design allows your patients to turn and pivot when exiting bed
  • A 10" low height helps shorter, frail, elderly, and post surgery patients exit bed safely and comfortably
  • An Under bed Night light is programmed to illuminate when the patient exits bed
  • The night light will remain on until the patient returns to bed
  Weight Monitoring:
  • Accurate to within 1% of a patient’s true weight
  • Weight display can be locked in Lbs or Kgs
  • Add equipment feature allows staff to add equipment to the bed without affecting weight readings
  • Manual adjustments can be made to the weight reading
  • Track your patient’s weight gain or loss
  • Set a Weight Change Alarm to notify staff when your patient’s weight goes below or above set parameters
  Infection Control:
  • Surfaces Scientifically treated to kill harmful bacteria
  • 99.9% effective against killing MRSA and E.coli
  • Provides easy and thorough sanitation of the mattress deck
  • Fiber-composite material reduces moisture buildup between the mattress and the deck
  • 8 3⁄4” low and 34” high; reduce falls and the incidence of work related back injury.
  • Molded quad rail design meets all new FDA guidelines for entrapment zones.
  • Central steering system.
  • Integrated nurse call button.
  • Foot board, side rail, and hand-held controls.
  • Exit alarm and fall pad.
  • Patient can control only what the staff allows via the lockout on the foot board control panel.
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Height of Mattress Deck to Floor – Low Position 8 ¾"
Height of Mattress Deck to Floor – High Position 34"
Mattress Deck Length 80"
Mattress Deck Width 35 ½"
Overall Bed Length 91 ½"
Overall Bed Width 41"
Weight Capacity 500 lbs.
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