AME Equipment Delivery Service

American Medical Equipment (AME) is recognized to have the most useful and reliable data reporting in our industry. We have developed a proprietary database and can query/export for limitless (custom) reporting, including EDI capabilities. Collaborating with clinical and administrative teams, AME custom designs reporting to help you manage both product use and cost containment.

Complementing our custom reporting, we empower customers to gain additional efficiencies on-line. Having real-time and accurate information instantaneously, clinical staff can concentrate their time on patient care and spend less time placing/tracking rental orders, managing paperwork and manually monitoring costs. Finally product utilization and costs controls are a reality.

   After a secured log-in, our on-line customers can:


Submit Orders Electronically - Requesting a delivery, pick-up or service is fast and paperless.  Each order is summarized immediately with a confirmation email.


Review Active Rental Patients – A facility’s active rental patients are now viewable on-line, making it easy to verify rentals, select patient pick-ups, and pro-actively manage expenses.


Limit Staff Ordering to only pre-defined product formulary - Customers can avoid cost overruns by limiting the on-line ordering of products to a specified formulary.  Also, AME can set-up facility specific reminders and authorization procedures.


GPS Track delivery personnel – Need an exact ETA to time a patient transfer or an ambulance admission?  Try our view of actual GPS tracking of the assigned delivery vehicle.


Receive Video Product Training – Many product now have print/video (assembly, testing, and use instructions) materials for both initial and refresher training.  Once viewed the trainee can be emailed a proof of training receipt form.


Download Customized Reports – Our IT department will work with customers on specific data reports as indicated above and make those reports download-able upon customer login.


Submit Electronic Customer Satisfaction Feedback – AME cares about your satisfaction, and now completing a satisfaction survey is electronic, private and very easy.

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