AME Equipment Delivery Service
TRUCK If you’re looking for a vendor…after you’ve evaluated our product quality,
our cost containment system, and our reliable services, we believe you’ll
have found AME to be the choice for your specialty equipment.

If you’re looking for a partner…AME has launched many unique services to help our customers in ways you wouldn’t expect from a vendor, but would find in a partner.

Jen Aogusti 
“concrete value added services”

Education/C.E.U. Series – AME believes that education is as important as the products that we deliver to achieve the desired outcomes. AME, in conjunction with our manufacturing partners, has developed a series in Continuing Education Programs ranging from the management of pressure ulcers, choosing the proper support surface, to the overall management of the Bariatric patient/resident. These C.E.U. programs are usually free of charge and on-site at your facility

Clinical Support – AME can facilitate On-site Clinical Experts, (i.e. Certified Wound Specialist or an Enterostomal Therapist) whom can offer patient specific or system-wide clinical support to our customers on a contractual basis.

Liability/Risk Management – AME can help a customer manage their risks and liability through many resources. Some examples of risk management/safety initiatives include a “NO Lift Program” to reduce workers’ compensation risk, system development such as risk assessment tools or an overhauled protocol development. Finally, if the need is time critical, we can arrange for assistance via trained healthcare litigation consultants.

Business Development – AME has helped customers develop new initiatives, whether it is consulting on a new Alzheimer unit, outfitting a new Gastric Bypass Surgery Center, or developing an off-site inventory storage program. Once a customer gets to know AME’s innovative style, we are often considered as a solution to our customer’s other challenges.

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