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  • Full thickness, non-powered advanced wound care therapy mattress system.
  • Micro-conforming distribution system with 130 interconnected air cells.
  • 4 zones of 35 air cells are customized to optimal pressure distribution for each body zone.
  • ROHO technology air cells react immediately to any slight patient movement to provide continuous reactive pressure redistribution.
  • Air exchanges and circulates between cells to manage moisture.
  • Waterproof, breathable four way stretch top cover allows for full immersion without resistance.
  • 3” multi-density base layer adds safety and comfort.
  • Middle layer waterproof barrier to protect base layer from contamination/odors.
  • Non-skid bottom cover with handles.
  • Exterior air port for inflation and use of optional accessories (Optimizer, Smart Series).
  • Integrated raised perimeter with egress openings for fall prevention.



  • Dual Power technology offers a seamless choice of mains or battery operation;
  • VENTURI power units deliver continuous negative pressure therapy with the option to select
  • Vacuum levels can be adjusted from -10mmHg to -120mmHg
  • Auto-lock device prevents accidental modification of therapy settings once treatment begins;
  • Alarms for full canister, dressing leak, low pressure, constricted tube, low battery, no battery
    and no canister. An advanced predictive low vacuum warning system continuously monitors vacuum
    pressure, providing early detection of any environmental air leakage through the dressing which could
    dehydrate or contaminate the wound;
  • Supplied with discreet, secure, flush fitting drainage canister incorporating exudate-solidifying
    granules. The canister's one-piece design and internal construction further ensures secure
    containment of exudate;
  • Hydrophobic and carbon bacterial filters prevent leakage and odor;
  • Carry bag available for versatile securing of power unit during therapy.
Construction Flame retardant ABS
Dimensions 210mm x 205mm x 105mm
Weight 2.2KG
Mains Cable 3 meters
Operating Voltage 6V
Peak Current 850mA PMS
Max. Load Wattage 7W
Vacuum Application Continuous (default therapy) or intermittent
Pressure Range 10 to 120mmHg




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